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Different Treatments

I’ve visited Una on multiple occasions for different treatments, to which i have always been more than satisfied, from her wonderful relaxing massages to life coaching, she has always gone above and beyond for me. Would highly recommend to anybody, professional but friendly individual service. Una always personalises her treatments to suit me….what more could you ask for!
Rachel Munro

Weight - Loss

“Hi, I totally enjoyed the Life Coaching Journey- I looked forward to my coaching sessions and my whole life has been tweeked onto a better track. I set a Goal – which was to lose 3stones in weight – I lost 3stones and 7lbs. Yipee..

How did I achieve it ?
I decided what My Goal should be and was Guided/Encouraged/Challenged by Una as my Coach- and working together I reached my goal.” – Aly 


Personal Challenge

“Began my journey in a rather negative and hopeless manner – However during my coaching with Una – I noticed myself improving and taking stock of my life – I decided to live my life – not let my life live me!

I was and still am going through IVF treatment – So now I `Go with the flow` and understand that I may get my baby – but also know that I will survive whatever happens. I am proud of me and what I have achieved through `Life Coaching` I was supported through my entire Journey.” – Ang


Angela now has a beautiful little boy. 


Weight - Loss

“Life was living me!! Now after Life Coaching I can honestly say `Yahoo Im on track again`. Overweight and overburdened with emotions. I felt that I had completely lost track with all aspects of my life!

Following a Major Stroke – the death of my wife – Obstacle after Obstacle…

Life Coaching has changed everything for me – I am much more confident and taking life by the reigns – Already I have lost 1 stone and will lose another one – I am starting the gym and am so excited about my future with less bulk and more energy to enjoy the adventures of life.” – Al 



I have a treatment with Una every 3-4 weeks and feel a real benefit – My body and mind can be out of kilter but following a treatment of Massage-Reiki-Reflexology combo – I begin to feel human again and everything goes back into place, thankfully I feel grounded- de stressed-and completely relaxed.

I have been peri menopausal and now menopausal -which did phase me – however Una gave me three products to balance my mood – flushes – dryness – night sweats – insomnia – and boost my bone density – NHCL is a one stop natural health haven and I love the way I feel until the next session.

Angela Smith (Irvine)


Curcumin3 is a Turmeric + Black Pepper product which is highly absorbable in the body – Una advised me to take it with regard to aches and pains and digestive problems I was having

It really is doing a great job – and I keep the arthritic pains to a minimum – apparently it is also keeping my brain healthy so works as a preventative for conditions like Dementia

I love my massage and feel taller and energised and have a treatment on a fortnightly basis.

Katie Nicol Bowman (Irvine)

Energised & Motivated

I feel highly energised – enthusiastic – uplifted – motivated to succeed after a session with Una

I want to achieve more – so we work as a team and she challenges me and gives me tasks to complete so that I continue to feel good

Before Coaching I was feeling very shy and out of control – on a scale of 1-10 I was sitting around 2/10

Now I function at around 7-8/10

I have learned that I can be anything I want to be – but the difference is that I now I believe that ` I Can do anything if I am willing to put in the EFFORT.

Douglas (Ayr)

Thanks Una

Thanks Una…. You gave me a new life. Another chnace at life. I had kind of given up on myself and wasn’t too good to live with. Hypnotherapy alongside massage and EFT reflexology rekindled my zest for life and got me back in the drivers seat.
A huge thanks too to my loving wife for standing by me throughout the wonderfully enlightening journey….

Malcolm (Kilwinning)

Rotarua Mud Product Range

Rotarua Mud product range from wonderful Rotarua, New Zealand. Una has given me a body wrap several times now – I have 2 hours of blissful relaxation sometimes with seaweed and then with the mud range. My skin feels rejuvenated and silky smooth.
The benefits of this treatment are amazing – I feel young, fit and complete.
Then I head to caroline in the Beauty lounge to have all my treatments and glide out of there feeling wonderfully looked after.
Everyone should try it……utter bliss!