Price List

Price List - The Natural Health Co.

(Payment is required in advance for coaching following introductory session via bacs)


Individual and Specialised Treatments to deal with all aspects of the mind and body:
1hr – £45
1hr 30mins – £55

Package Price
New Professional Facials by Environ – 2hr treatment including reflexology. Free consultation before Environ treatment. £90
Detox – Advice with product info including cellulite treatment
Rotarua Mud/Seaweed Treatment
Facial & feet
Full body mud/seaweed wrap

’Feet’ Treat – Natural salts/aroma oils
Reflexology – A relaxing treatment working on the hands and feet releasing toxins and encouraging the body to heal itself.  
Does not put you to sleep! It will however switch off the conscious mindto enable the subconscious mind to listen to the suggestionsof change you would like to achieve. It is deeply relaxing and will help all aspects of ‘Life Challenges’. call for a chat and to book a session.
Aromatherapy – A wonderful massage treatment using Pure Essential Oils to relax and de-stress – oils are prescribed to suit each individual.
Holistic Facial – A luxury treatment with essential oils combining feet/leg massage with a luxurious facial to rejuvenate skin and wellbeing.
Bamboo Massage Treatment – A hot massage treatment. To bring the body into balance. Combining essential oils with bamboo. Smooth bamboo sticks and rolling movements to soothe and relax your tired aching body.
Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage – A fantastic de-stresser for people ’On the move’
Indian Head Massage – Great stress relief – stiff neck / hair growth / backache / headaches
EFT – For those going through emotional challenges / changes – An excellent treatment for getting back ’on track’
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – Changes the mindset and encourages a positive way forward.
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Progamming) – Helps change your mindset.
Stress Management – A set of techniques used to help an individual cope more effectively with difficult situations in order to feel better emotionally, improve behavioural skills, and often to enhance feelings of control.
Hot Stone Treatment
Reiki – Experience peace and harmony, everyone should try this wonderful healing treatment at least once! De-stress with ’Natures energy’

Hopi Candling Treatment – Great for sinusitis/ear/tinnitus – A relaxing treatment
Colour Reading
Angel Card Readings
Combo Treatment – Choose 4 different treatments and be prepared to experience ’Absolute Bliss’
Great for a spa day gift – call Una for a Voucher
Stress Counselling – A relaxing and therapeutic session.
Treatment for Men – Sports massage / Swedish massage. A more rigorous and pummelling technique for active individuals
Life Coaching Personal session (6 session programme)
Life coaching gives people the confidence and ability to move forward in a positive way in the areas of life where they crave change.Coaching sessions usually take the form of conversations between the coach and the coachee.
Progress comes from setting appropriate and achievable goals. Throughout the process the coach encourages motivation and commitment to the goalsand helps the coachee find ways to overcome barriers and setbacks.
(we offera free consultation, then full amount is payable on the 1st appointment)
£60 per session
Workplace Coaching – Please contact us
Natural Product Advice – With over 15 years experience in Natural Health remedies and fully qualified in the above treatments, NHCL provides a full natural product assessment service to ensure you are given advice on products and treatments that will support you in your personal development.




Natural Health

Natural Health helps us to lead a balanced, blissful life. With 20 years experience in Natural Health therapies and Life Coaching skills, I am now able to deliver an extensive support program to meet the needs of each individual and/or corporation.

Coaching For Life

Life coaching gives people the confidence and ability to move forward in a positive way in the areas of life where they crave change. Coaching sessions usually take the form of conversations between the coach and coachee.

Coaching For Business

Successful people hire coaches – corporate leaders, athletes, famous artists. They have a sense of what it may take to achieve their goals and they know, from experience, that coaches help people exceed their expectations and get exceptional results.

Why Hire a Coach?

The benefits of coaching are extensive especially when the timing is right. You have the answers. Your life coach helps you discover the reservoir of infinite possibilities within and helps you develop the process you need to achieve your goals.